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BBCG.03.03: Configuring the General Ledger within Dynamics 365 for Operations - Module 3: Configuring the General Ledger Periodic Journals

Now that we know how to create simple Journals within Dynamics 365 for Operations, let’s look at some of the other journal types that we can create. We will start by checking out the Periodic Journals.

Periodic Journals are designed to take care of all those journals that we need to post on a regular basis such as expenses, utilities, or recurring transactions.

Rather than having to recreate the Journal Voucher lines each time you can create these Journals each time we can create a Periodic Journal template and specify the frequency of the journal and then have Dynamics 365 for Operations do the work from us automatically.

In this guide, we will see how these are set up and work.

Topics Covered

  • Creating A Periodic Journal Type
  • Creating Periodic Journals
  • Using Periodic Journals