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BBCG.18.AX2012 Configuring Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management module within Dynamics AX is a great feature to configure if you want to do more with your inventory then just track it and count it.  When you enable the Warehouse Management features you can start taking advantage of the in-built handheld interface, you can start tracking your workers a little more closely and assign work to them, and it also allows you to create rules on how all of the work within the warehouse is performed so that you can start optimizing and refining your warehouse operations.

Along with all of these more advanced warehouse management features, there is also a little bit more planning and setup that you need to do in order to get everything working, but that doesn’t mean that you have to over-complicate your system.  If you know the basics of the Warehouse Management module, then you can start off by just configuring what you need initially, and then grow out from there as you start refining your processes.

In this guide we will show you how you can easily configure the Warehouse Management module so that you can start using, and also see that it’s not that hard to set up either.