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BBCG.13.AX2012: Configuring Production Control

The Production Control area within Dynamics AX is a great feature to leverage if you are performing any type of manufacturing within your business, and is very powerful and flexible.

It is able to handle almost anything that you want to throw at it, and is able to handle discrete and process based manufacturing requirements, it is able to perform both traditional and Lean based execution methodologies, it has inbuilt shop floor terminals that you can take advantage of, it has scheduling out of the box, and also has comprehensive costing capabilities that you can take advantage of. But that doesn’t mean that it’s complicated to set up.

In these guides we will start you off on your way by showing you how you can start using the Production Control module to create Bills Of Materials, link them with Routes and Resources, and then show you how you can easily configure the shop floor interface, control the production through work instructions, and finally extend out the costing capabilities by creating Costing Sheet template. Once you have this up and running you will have almost all that you need to model all of your production within Dynamics AX.