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The Dynamics AX Challenge

We are firm believers that Microsoft Dynamics is not a hard product to learn, but the problem is where do you start.  Which is why we developed the Bare Bones Configuration Guides.  The aim of this series is to step you though the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics from a blank system, and then step you through the setup of all of the core modules within Microsoft Dynamics.  We start with the setup of a base system, then move on to the financial , distribution, and operations modules.  Each book builds upon the previous ones, and by the time you have worked through all of the guides then you will have completely configured a simple (but functional) Microsoft Dynamics instance.  To make it even more worthwhile you will have a far better understanding of Microsoft Dynamics and also how everything fits together.

As of now there are 16 guides in this series broken out as follows:

  • Configuring A Base Training System
  • Configuring an Organization
  • Configuring the General Ledger
  • Configuring Cash and Bank Management
  • Configuring Accounts Receivable
  • Configuring Accounts Payable
  • Configuring Product Information Management
  • Configuring Inventory Management
  • Configuring Procurement and Sourcing
  • Configuring Sales Order Management
  • Configuring Human Resource Management
  • Configuring Project Management and Accounting
  • Configuring Production Control
  • Configuring Sales and Marketing
  • Configuring Service Management
  • Configuring Warehouse Management

We challenge all of you out there from any level of experience - from those of you that are new to Microsoft Dynamics and want to learn how it works, to the seasoned consultant that knows areas of Microsoft Dynamics inside and out but haven’t got out of their comfort zone and learn the other areas – to sit down and learn how to implement a company in Microsoft Dynamics from the ground up.

For the brave and adventurous souls, and those of you with a thirst for knowledge, that are willing to take on this challenge we have just set up a bundle option for the Bare Bones Configuration Guides within the Blind Squirrel Publishing site that will allow you to get all of the books at once, and for a discount.   You can save yourself from the possibility of contracting RSI from selecting each book individually and get them with just by starting with one click of the mouse.  They are not free, but they are worth it.  We guarantee that you will learn more than you expect form this process.

Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

The Waterdeep Trading Company is the purveyor of all the finest adventuring supplies to travelers, rogues, wizards and clerics in all Faerûn, and are headquartered in the great city of Waterdeep on the Sword Coast.

Recently they have been experiencing a huge upswing in the traffic through their store and have realized that the old quill and scroll based financial system is not going to scale any more, and their manual supply chain management processes that they are using will not be able to handle their forecasted future demand.

As a result, they have taken the step to modernize their finance and supply chain systems and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage all their legal (and not so legal) entities, and the following is a journal of how they set up their system, and how they tweaked the system to make it work perfectly for them.

If you want to follow along in the journey and set up your own copy of the system, then feel free.