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BBCG.05.01.D365: Configuring Accounts Receivable within Dynamics 365 for Operations - Module 1: Configuring the Accounts Receivable Controls

Before we start adding customers and creating invoices within the Accounts Receivable module of Dynamics 365, there are a couple of codes and controls that need to be configured so that everything else later in the book will run smoothly.  In this guide, we will walk through everything that you need to set up to get the basic Accounts Receivable features working.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring a Customer Payment Journal Name
  • Configuring a Customer Write-Off Journal Name
  • Configuring a General Customer Posting Profile
  • Configuring a Prepayment Customer Posting Profile
  • Configuring a Cash Terms of Payment
  • Configuring a Cash on Delivery Terms of Payment
  • Configuring Net Day Payment Terms
  • Configuring Net Day of Month Term of Payment
  • Configuring Equal Monthly Scheduled Payment Terms
  • Configuring Proportional Monthly Scheduled Payment Terms
  • Configuring Cash Discount Codes
  • Configuring Cash Payment Methods
  • Configuring Check Payment Methods
  • Configuring Electronic Payment Methods
  • Configuring Postdated Check Payment Methods
  • Configuring Refund Payment Methods
  • Configuring the Accounts Receivable Parameters