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BBCG.01.AX2012: Configuring A Training Environment

There is no better way to start learning Dynamics AX 2012 then to just dive in and start setting it up from a blank slate. As you start sculpting your system you are able to see how everything fits together and will also give you the muscle memory that will make you a ninja when it comes to using it in the future.

For traditional ERP systems, this is easier said than done because you need to first get the system installed, and then you don’t know where to even start. Luckily with Azure Hosting, and the pre-built demonstration environments that Microsoft deliver through their Lifecycle services, firing up a new system to learn in is a breeze. Also, if you want to have a local version of Dynamics AX 2012 running on your own server – and you have enough power to do that then you can download a copy of Dynamics AX 2012 and install it locally using Hyper-V.

Once you have a sandbox to play in, creating a new partition that is clean and ready for you to start tinkering in is just as easy.

In the following book we will walk through the setup required to deploy a training system, configure a blank partition so that you can use as the base training system, and also show you how to set up all of the necessary codes and controls so that when you do start learning Dynamics AX 2012, everything will run smoothly for you.