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CB.01: Developing a Product Approval Workflow

There are a lot of workflow templates that are delivered with Dynamics AX 2012, but that doesn't mean that those are the only ones that you can use. Developing new workflow templates and actions are pretty straight forward and you can easily extend out the system to incorporate other workflow scenarios that have not been added yet.

In this blueprint we will work through one example and show you how you can develop your own workflow process for product approvals that allow you to submit, track and approve the product review process.

Topics Covered:

  • Create a New Development Project for your Workflow Development
  • Create a Menu Item for the Product Management Workflows
  • Add the Workflow Editor Menu Item to the Product Area Page
  • Create a New Workflow Category for Your Product Management Workflows
  • Create a Base Enumeration to Track the Approval Status
  • Add the Approval Status Field to the Product Table
  • Adding the Approval Status to the Released Products Form
  • Add a canSubmitToWorkflow Method to the Table to Enable Workflows
  • Create a Query on the Products Table for the Workflows to Reference
  • Create a Workflow Type Using the Workflow Wizard
  • Create A Simple Product Approval Workflow
  • Enabling Workflow Submission on the Product Details Form
  • Updating the Submission Manager Method to Start the Workflow
  • Relabel the Workflow Submission Menu Items
  • Update the Completed Method on the Approval Event Handler
  • Using the Tutorial Workflow Processor to Process Workflows
  • Configuring the Workflow Processors to Run Automatically
  • Creating a Class to Manually Run Workflow Processes
  • Performing the Workflow Approval Through the Dynamics AX Forms
  • Creating a New Product Approval Workflow Task Element
  • Relabeling the Approval Action Menu Item Labels
  • Update the Workflow Approval Element Event Handlers
  • Add the Product Approval Element to the Workflow Template
  • Using the Product Approval Element in the Approval Workflow
  • Performing Product Approval Using the Custom Approval Element