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CB.03: Configuring Financial Approvals & Workflows within Dynamics AX

Workflows and approval processes within Dynamics AX must be one of the most underused, and also most useful features of the application, and that may be because everyone thinks that they are complicated to set up and require a developer in order to get them working. And that’s a shame, because nothing could be further from the truth. The built in approval processes within Dynamics AX can be set up and running within a few minutes to control simple transactions, and workflows only take a fraction longer to configure and then allow you to convert all of your archaic paper and informal business approval processes into a streamlined and controlled business process that you can track, audit, and report off. In the following guide we will walk through a number of different workflow and approval scenarios for you that you can probably use right now within your financial department, and also show you some of the features of the workflow engine that is delivered with Dynamics AX that you can use to create your own workflows from.