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CB.04: Building Dynamic Products with the Product Configurator

f you want to personalize your products a little, or if you are more of a configure to order operation where every product that you ship out the door is tailored to your customers specifications and needs then you will probably want to take advantage of the Product Configurator that is built into Dynamics AX. This feature allows you to create a product with a number of different attributes, and rules that will allow Dynamics AX to build a custom BOM every time the product is ordered, and also tell you if the product is even possible to make.

Topics Covered

  • Create A Constraint Based Product Master
  • Create a Product Configuration Model
  • Adding Configuration Attributes
  • Grouping Related Attributes
  • Adding Conditional Display Options
  • Adding Constraints to your Configuration Model
  • Configuring BOMS Based On Attributes
  • Using Table Based Attribute Values
  • Using Attributes as Variables