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CB.11: Self Service Reporting within Dynamics AX Using Excel and Power BI

Having users perform their own reporting has been a dream on both sides of the organization. The IT group don’t particularly like creating reports for the users when they could be spending their time on cooler projects, and users don’t particularly like waiting for IT to create the reports that they need to track the data because it’s never quite what they wanted, and also takes so long to get (because of the first reason) that it’s usually out-of-date. If only there was a solution…

Well there is, because there are so many tools built into Dynamics AX and also the productivity tools like Excel and Word that the users can easily create their own reports themselves without having to get the IT group involved. Everybody wins!

In this guide we will show you how the users can do just that, it’s so easy that they may not even realize that they are creating reports.

Topics Covered

  • Self Service Reporting Using Excel and Power BI
  • Self Service Reporting Using Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online