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WDTC.01.1.D365.WG.1.PDF: Waterdeep Trading Company Project - Module 1 Expansion 1: Creating a new Training Partition and Legal Entity within Dynamics 365 (Digital)

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The Waterdeep Trading Company is the purveyor of all the finest adventuring supplies to travelers, rogues, wizards and clerics in all Faerûn, and are headquartered in the great city of Waterdeep on the Sword Coast.

Recently they have been experiencing a huge upswing in the traffic through their store and have realized that the old quill and scroll based financial system is not going to scale any more, and their manual supply chain management processes that they are using will not be able to handle their forecasted future demand.

As a result, they have taken the step to modernize their finance and supply chain systems and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage all their legal (and not so legal) entities, and the following is a journal of how they set up their system, and how they tweaked the system to make it work perfectly for them.

If you want to follow along in the journey and set up your own copy of the system, then feel free.


Module 1: Creating a new Training Partition and Legal Entity within Dynamics 365

In earlier versions of Dynamics 365 there was a feature that we could take advantage of which was called Partitions which allows us to create separate versions of the Dynamics 365 within the same database without sharing a lot of the data.

Unfortunately, this feature was deprecated i.e. removed from all the menus and no longer officially supported with the official Dynamics 365 version release within production environments.

Luckily for us, even though the feature has been deprecated from the standard supported features, it is still available to us to use, and it is the perfect way for us to create blank training environments without having to deploy out entirely new versions or Dynamics 365 and incur the hosting costs.

All you need to know is the hack that will allow you to take advantage of this feature.

In this walkthrough we will show you how you can access the Partition maintenance form, that then allows us to create a new blank partition for training purposes, and how to switch between the partitions.

Topics Covered

  • Accessing the Partitions administration maintenance form
  • Switching to the new Partition


More Information

Series: Waterdeep Trading Company Project
Guide: Creating a new Training Partition and Legal Entity within Dynamics 365
PDF: 71 pages
Publisher: Blind Squirrel Publishing (July 7, 2019)
Language: English
Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 11 inches

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