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WG.03: Creating New Training Libraries for Dynamics AX within Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services is now the central hub for all of the help and business process documentation within Dynamics AX. Out of the box you can take advantage of the standard business process model libraries that also have task guides recorded against them, and these pop up within Dynamics AX as help topics automatically so that you can use them for training, and guidance on the system.

You can take this to the next level if you want and create your own business process libraries with their own structure, and then start recording your own task guides against them so that they show up for the users as training guides. This is a great way to create your own documentation, training plans or even just to create a simpler set of business process models that you can reference.

In this walkthrough we will step you through just that. We sill show you how to create a new Business Process Library, add new nodes for training material, record and save a Task Guide to the new library and then show how the users can access the Task Guide to step them through a training session.