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WG.08: Importing Products Through The Data Management Tools

Loading data into Dynamics AX used to be an arduous task.  With the previous releases it was improved quite a bit with the introduction of the Data Import Export Framework, but with the new Dynamics AX, and the introduction of the Data Management workspace and tools, this is almost too simple of a task

In this worked example we will show you how you can easily use these tolls to create data templates and then use them to quickly import in data directly within Dynamics AX without writing a line of code or even breaking a sweat.

Topics Covered

  • Creating A Clean Data Set
  • Creating a Template within Data Management
  • Exporting the Template Data
  • Saving The Exported Data As A Package
  • Extracting The Data Package
  • Repopulating the Data Template
  • Creating A New Data Package
  • Importing In The New Data within Data Management
  • Checking out the Results