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Configuring Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management area within Dynamics AX not only allows you to manage all of your employees employment information, but it also allows you to track jobs & positions within the organization, track recruiting projects, and much more.  A lot of the core information that you can configure within the Human Resource Management area is also leveraged by other areas of Dynamics AX for approvals, skill matching, and also resource management so even if you are not going to be using all of the Human Resource Management features right away, you will definitely be using some of them.

Setting up the Human Resource Management area is not hard to do either, and this guide is designed to give you step by step instructions on how to configure all of the base codes and controls that you need to make the Human Resource Management area tick correctly and also to give you step by step instructions on how you can quickly load all of the necessary worker, position and job information so that you can speed up the data load process and get you up and running quickly.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring Human Resource Management Controls
  • Configuring Workers and Employees
  • Configuring Jobs
  • Configuring Positions and Position Hierarchies
  • Configuring Recruiting Projects

Walkthrough Guides

The full Walkthrough Guides include all of the modules and are ideal for those of you that are wanting to work though the setup of the General Ledger from the beginning to the end.

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The guides are also available by the module which is great for those of you that want more of an à la carte option for learning.  You can choose just the modules that you want to tackle and skip the rest. 

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The Training Resources are available for this guide as well that well for those of you that would like to convert this material into your own training programs.  The PowerPoints can be used to help you with the training and also steps though all of the areas within the guide.

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