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TAT.01.AX2012.1.PDF: 50 Tips And Tricks For Dynamics AX 2012 (Digital)

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Tips And Tricks
Volume 01

Dynamics is a great product, because anyone is able to master the basics with just a little bit of a test drive. As you use it more, you will probably stumble on feature that no-one mentioned that makes Dynamics AX even better, and you store it away in your back pocket to use later on. The more you use the system, the more of these you will find, and with enough of these you turn from just a User to a Power User.

To give you a head start though we have compiled 50 of the most useful tricks and tips that you can take advantage of within Dynamics AX. They range from tips on tweaking the Dynamics AX client to some of the hidden features within Dynamics AX itself that you may not know you can do. They also include tips on how to use other tools that are available to you to report better from the system, and how to use the office suite to really power charge Dynamics AX. You may not use all of these tricks and tips, but we are sure that you will be able to use a lot of them.

Here are the tips that are included:


  • Find (Almost) Anything Through The Enterprise Search
  • Personalize Your Ribbon Bar To Make Menu Buttons Easier To Find
  • Set The Number Of Autocolumns To Match Your Screen Real Estate
  • Add Fields To Summary Tabs For Easy Reference
  • Teleport Directly To Maintenance Tabs Using Shortcut Keys
  • How Not To Find Something In Dynamics AX
  • Press Star To Instantly Lookup Data Values
  • Type In Product Names To Find Product Numbers
  • Use Shorthand To Enter Dates
  • Have Dynamics AX Calculate The Last Day Of The Month For You
  • Configuring the Status Bar To Show Just What You Need
  • Have Dynamics AX Tell You When There Are Document Attachments
  • Make Dynamics AX Less Chatty By Turning Off Infolog Notifications
  • Stop Dynamics AX From Warning You Every Time You Switch Companies


  • Add Approval Workflows to General Ledger Journals
  • Use Cases To Track Customer Issues And Complaints
  • Linking Knowledgebase Articles To Help Resolve Customer Complaints
  • Manage Engineering Change Orders Through Cases
  • Use Print Management To Automatically Email Documents To Customers & Vendors
  • Use Print Management To Email Forms To All Customers By Business Purpose
  • Create Collaboration Workspaces To Share Information
  • Assign Workers To Projects Visually Using The Worker Reservation Screen
  • Enter Sales Orders Over the Web Using The Sales Portal
  • Let Your Vendors Enter Their Own Invoices Through The Vendor Portal
  • Use The Job Registration Screen To Record Production Transactions
  • Require Users To Review Production Documents Before Starting Jobs


  • Export to Excel when there is no Ribbon Bar
  • Exporting Data To Your Client’s Excel When Using Remote Desktop
  • Add Additional Dynamics AX Fields To Worksheets After Exporting To Excel
  • Use the Export to Excel To Create Your Own Refreshable Reports In Excel
  • Create Reports Directly Off The Dynamics AX Cubes Through Excel
  • Update Dynamics AX Records Through Excel Using The Excel Add-in
  • Create Reports For Dynamics AX From Within Word
  • Populate Boilerplate Document With Dynamics AX Data Using Word Templates
  • Use Word Templates to Generate Standard Customer Correspondence
  • Update Your Project Plans Using Microsoft Project
  • Create Projects In Dynamics AX Directly From Microsoft Project


  • Deploy The Standard Cubes For Instant Business Intelligence
  • Create PowerView Dashboards Directly From Dynamics AX
  • Creating PowerView Reports From Analysis Services Cubes In Excel Using PowerPivot
  • Embedding PowerView Reports Into Your Role Centers
  • Export PowerView Dashboards as PowerPoint To Create Dynamic and Interactive Presentations
  • Publish Queries As OData Document Sources For Users To Query In Excel
  • Make Common Queries Available For Everyone By Saving Them To Office365


  • Let Alerts Watch For Changes To Your Favorite Data
  • Use The New Task Recorder To Create Training Documents And Videos
  • Use Your Own Personalized Template When Creating Documents From The Task Recorder
  • Document Regulations & Requirements Within The Compliance Portal
  • Link Task Recordings As Evidence Of Internal Controls Within The Compliance Portal
  • Save Time By Saving Your Task Recordings Directly To Compliance Process Documentation Library


  • Series: Dynamics AX Tricks & Tips
  • Paperback: 466 pages
  • Publisher: Blind Squirrel Publishing (February 15, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1495487776
  • ISBN-13: 978-1495487774
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 1 x 9.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds

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