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BBCG.10.08.D365.2.PDF: Configuring Sales Order Management within Dynamics 365 SCM (Second Edition) - Module 8: Configuring Sales Order Returns and Credits (Digital)

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Sometimes there are cases where customers will want to return products that they have ordered.  Maybe they didn’t like the product, or they ordered the incorrect product.

Sometimes, it’s our fault because we sent them the wrong product, or it didn’t work quite right.

We may also want to handle these returns differently based on the type of return.  Maybe we want to credit the customer.  Perhaps we want to receive the product back into inventory or, sometimes we may like to send the customer a replacement item.

We can handle all these scenarios within Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management by configuring the returns management features within the Order Management area.

In this module, we will learn how to configure the return functionality, the disposition options for our returns, and see the returns and credits in action.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring Return Disposition Codes
  • Configuring Return Reason Code Groups
  • Configuring Return Reason Codes
  • Creating A Return Order
  • Creating A Credit Note Directly From Sales Orders


Series: Dynamics Companions Bare Bones Configuration Guides

Guide: Configuring Sales Order Management within Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Digital: 182 pages

Publisher: Blind Squirrel Publishing (July 31, 2021)

Language: English

Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 11 inches

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