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SG.80740AE.D365.1.PDF: Manage Customer Relationships in Microsoft Dynamics AX Study Guide (Digital)

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This course provides information on how to manage customer information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.  In it, we'll cover creating customer records and managing pricing, setting up customer groups and posting profiles, and arranging credit limits.

The course is intended for an audience of users who have little to no experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations or who have some level of experience with other ERP software applications. It is designed to be taught in a classroom or potentially self-guided classroom, or remotely.

In this course, we'll focus on activities related specifically to customer record maintenance; this training is not intended to be an all-inclusive course covering the full spectrum of all modules, functionality, or technical information.

This module shows how to create and maintain customers, manage customer pricing for trade or sales agreements, set up customer groups and post profiles, and configure credit limits.

Topics Covered

  • Lesson 1: Customers
  • Lesson 2: Customer Trade Agreements
  • Lesson 3: Customer Groups
  • Lesson 4: Credit Limits

Disclaimer: I didn’t write all of the content, I just made it usable, so if you want to do all of the legwork yourself, then all of this information is publicly available.  I just made it better by formatting all of the information in one concise document and also added screen shots show that you don't have to watch any of the videos.

Series: Dynamics AX Companions Bare Bones Configuration Guides
Digital: 95 pages
Publisher: Blind Squirrel Publishing; 1st Edition (July 14, 2016)
Language: English




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