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BBCG.SK.AX2012.1.PDF: Bare Bones Configuration Guides Starter Kit

BBCG.SK.AX2012.1.PDF: Bare Bones Configuration Guides Starter Kit

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We are firm believers that Dynamics AX is not a hard product to learn, but the problem is where do you start.  Which is why we developed the Bare Bones Configuration Guides.  The aim of this series is to step you though the configuration of Dynamics AX from a blank system, and then step you through the setup of all of the core modules within Dynamics AX.  We start with the setup of a base system, then move on to the financial, distribution, and operations modules.  Each book builds upon the previous ones, and by the time you have worked through all of the guides then you will have completely configured a simple (but functional) Dynamics AX 2012 instance.  To make it even more worthwhile you will have a far better understanding of Dynamics AX and also how everything fits together.

We challenge all of you out there from any level of AX experience - from those of you that are new to Dynamics AX and want to learn how it works, to the seasoned AX consultant that knows areas of AX inside and out but haven’t got out of their comfort zone and learn the other areas – to sit down and learn how to implement a company in Dynamics AX from the ground up.

This guide will start you off on your journey to learn Dynamics AX by showing you how to configure your very own Dynamics AX environment, set up an organization, and then start off the configuration of the General Ledger. After you have done this, then it is up to you to decide if you want to keep on going and implement the rest of Dynamics AX.  

Go ahead, and dip your toes in the water—We think that you will like it.

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