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WG.02.AX7.1.PDF: Replacing the Default Workspace Banner with a Logo within Dynamics AX 7 (Digital)

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You all are probably familiar with the banner that shows up within the default workspace, and you may have even customized the banner so that it changes based on the legal entity that you are currently connected to. But have you seen the option to switch from the banner view to use a logo. This option removes the banner from the view and allows you to put a smaller logo above the default calendar control.

This is useful because it frees up a lot more real estate on the default workspace, which is important when you run on smaller form factor browsers like on tablets and phones. Also, it is a lot easier to find a logo to put there rather than having to try to craft a custom banner image that looks nice.

In this walkthrough guide we will show you how you can make this simple tweak to Dynamics AX and switch out the banner for a logo against a legal entity.

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