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Additional Blog Sites and Blueprints

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

One of the requests that I have always got after people have browsed and downloaded my posts from SlideShare is that the image quality has not been the best because SlideShare compresses the images when the post them. Another is that it is slow to download the slides, and with 100 slides in some of the presentations, this can be frustrating – especially if you are looking for some particular content. Even when I forward on the PDF, then you may not be able to quite make out the particular code or form within the document. Also, with some of the posts, there is a lot of content that I try to publish, and it may be a little overwhelming to see pages and pages of instructions on my blog posts.

So I am trying a different approach to help you all get the most out of Dynamics AX and wanted to pass on the details since at one point or another I have either talked to you, met with you, demonstrated to you, you have visited my blog (, you have browsed my SlideShare account ( or all of the above.

In addition to my catchall blog site ( I have created two new blog sites that you might like to check out. They are:

  • AMAZON: I have created reference Blueprints that are available on Amazon that combine all of the information in the SlideShare post into an easy to reference and lightweight format.  These should be better references when working through some of the more intricate or lengthy posts, and also should give you better access to the content and code snippets.  These take a little bit of time to develop and publish, but I should be creating these as part of the documentation process, but they give me the ability to update them continually, and also add additional notes and sections that you will be able to access automatically through the Kindle publishing process, so not all of the blueprints are available in this format, but we’re working on it.  View the Blueprint on Amazon here:
  • Extending Dynamics AX Blog: Also I have posted a most of the individual posts on the Extending Dynamics AX blog.  If you are looking for a quick link to grab a code snippet from, or  to reference a particular process, then you can find them here:
  • Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day Blog: Also, there are a lot of smaller posts that I make showing tips that you might find useful.  For those I have created another blog called Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day.   As you may have probably guessed there should be a new post every work day.   You can find this blog here:
  • FACEBOOK:  If you want an easy way to track the posts on all of the channels that I am using, then make sure you follow the Facebook page that we have created:

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