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Book Club – Creating Passionate Users

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On March 16, 2007, something terrible happened. Kathy Sierra stopped publishing her blog because of abusive tweets and threats. Thankfully she didn’t take down her TypePad account, and we can still all read the posts that she made, because they are great, and are the suggested reading for this week’s book club.

Her blog focuses on how software should make the users feel great rather than just the software developers. A little humility is good every now and again.

Here are a few of her blog posts to start off with:

If your software was on a date…
Stop your presentation before it kills again!
One of us is smarter than all of us
Kicking ass is more fun

If you’re on the lazy side, just check out the site for the pictures and graphs, because they are special just by themselves.

If you have a spare minute and want to think about what makes users tick, then check out the site

Creating Passionate Users
by Kathy Sierra

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