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Choose Where To Go When You Click On Pop-Up Notifications

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Pop-up notifications are great because it’s like Dynamics AX is sending you a personalized gift every time they show up. You could be getting a personalized alert that you have set up, or being invited to help with workflow task to streamline the business. You can tweak what happens when you click on the link though to fit your personality. If you are more of an cautious person, then you have the link take you to the alert details where you can contemplate what you want to do. If you are more of a impulsive person, then you can throw all caution to the wind and just go straight to the transaction from the link and get things done right away.

Either way I am sure you will still be excited to see what the notification is…

How To Do It…

To select what happens when you click on a notification from Dynamics AX, click on the Files menu, then select the Tools sub-menu, and then select the Options menu item.

When the Options dialog box is displayed, switch to the Notifications page and you will see a Pop-Up Link Destination field within the Alert Based Notifications field group. To go to the alert detail from the pop-ups, select the To Alert option and then click the Close button to exit from the form.

Now, wait for an alert to come through, and then click on it.

Clicking on the pop-up alert will take you to the alert details with the message information, and from here you can click on the Go To Origin button in the menu bar to navigate to the original transaction.

If you want to skip the alert screen and go straight to the transaction, the return to the Options page and change the Pop-Up Link Destination to To Alert Origin.

Now wait for an alert to come through and click it.

Now you will go straight to the transaction that initiated the alert.

Ripping wrapping paper off presents is much more fun.

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