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Configuring the Status Bar To Show Just What You Need

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Configuring the Status Bar To Show Just What You Need

Configuring the Status Bar To Show Just What You Need

The Status Bar within the Dynamics AX client is there to give you a quick way to see some of the configuration parameters without adding too much extra clutter to the client.  But by default it may show you a little more information than you really need.  If you like things to be tidy, and not see information that you’re not interested in then you may want to tweak the information that shows on the Status Bar through the System Options.

Like my grandmother used to say… “A tidy status bar is a tidy mind”

How To Do It…

By default, a lot of information is shown on the Status Bar.


To configure the Status Bar options, click on the Files menu, select the Tools sub menu, and then the Options menu item.

When the Options dialog box is displayed, you will see all of the options that you can choose to display on the Status Bar.


You can get rid of all of the extra information that you don’t want to see and possibly add items that are useful to you just by checking and unchecking the boxes.


Now the Status Bar looks a little tidier.


If you don’t want to see the Status Bar at all, then just set the Show status bar option to None.


That will remove the Status Bar giving you a little more space on the screen.


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