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Dynamics AX 2012 Companion Guide – Configuring Financial Approvals & Workflows Within Dynamics AX 2012 Is Available

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

A couple of weeks ago I did a webinar for MS Dynamics World titled “Microsoft Dynamics AX workflows for financial automation: Improving process efficiency with ease” which you can view if you like by following this link:

While I was preparing for the webcast, I created a storyboard of everything that I was going to show, which I thought may be a great reference for everyone, so I tidied it up and the complete set of examples that I worked through during the webinar, plus the examples that I didn’t manage to get to in the time I had are now available as a Companion Guide for Dynamics AX. Within the 401 pages I cover:


  • Configuring Journal Approval User Groups
  • Configuring Journal Approval
  • Approving Journals
  • Configuring Journal Access User Groups
  • Configuring Journal Access By User Groups


  • Creating A Journal Workflow
  • Assign A User To An Approval Task
  • Configuring Journal Approval Task Instructions
  • Defining Submission Instructions For The Workflow
  • Publishing And Activating Your Journal Workflow
  • Configuring Journals To Use Approval Workflows
  • Starting The Workflow Processor
  • Submitting Journals For Workflow Approval 
  • Approving Workflow Tasks
  • Posting Journals After Approval


  • Creating An Invoice Journal Workflow
  • Defining Invoice Journal Approval Workflow Submission Instructions
  • Assigning Multiple People To The Journal Approval Workflow Task
  • Defining The Journal Approval Workflow Task Instructions With Context Links
  • Publishing And Activating The Journal Approval Workflow
  • Assign The Invoice Journal Workflow To The Invoice Journal
  • Submitting AP Invoice Journals For Workflow Approval
  • Accessing Workflow Tasks Through The Work Item Notifications
  • Accessing Workflow Tasks Through The Work Item List
  • Viewing Workflow Status And History
  • Approving Workflow Tasks Through The Work Item List
  • Posting AP Invoice Journals After Workflow Approvals Have Been Completed
  • Adding Status Notifications To Workflows
  • Publishing A New Version Of The AP Invoice Journal Approval Workflow
  • Receiving Workflow Status Update Notifications
  • Viewing Workflow Versions
  • Viewing All Workflow Statuses


  • Creating A Payables Invoice Approval Workflow
  • Configuring The Payables Invoice Approval Task
  • Publishing And Activating The Payables Journal Approval Workflow
  • Changing The Default Payables Journal Workflow
  • Submitting Payables Journals For Workflow Approval
  • Requesting Changes To Payables Journals Through Workflows
  • Adding Conditional Review Steps To The Payables Journal Approval Workflow
  • Assigning Reviewers To The Payables Journal Conditional Review Task By Role
  • Configuring Payables Invoice Review Instructions
  • Performing Conditional Reviews On Payables Invoices Through Workflow
  • Automatically Posting Approved Payables Invoices


  • Creating A New AP Invoice Document Type
  • Creating An Invoice Processing Work Item Queue
  • Creating An AP Invoice Document Management Workflow
  • Configuring Conditional Activation Rules For The Document Management Workflow
  • Configuring Document Approval Task
  • Publishing And Activating The AP Invoice Document Approval Workflow
  • Viewing Unattached Documents
  • Creating a Filtered Cue For The Documents To Process
  • Submitting Unprocessed AP Invoice Documents For Processing
  • Creating A Cue For Documents In Process
  • Processing Documents And Attaching To Records
  • Completing The AP Invoice Processing Workflow Task

If you are interested in taking a look here are the link on Amazon:



Just a reminder, my Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides series aims to show how easy it is ton configure Dynamics AX 2012 from a blank instance, and is going to have the following books in the series, each of which builds on top of the previous books in the series:

  1. Initial Data Load
  2. Configuring the Organization
  3. Configuring Human Resources
  4. Configuring General Ledger
  5. Configuring Cash Management
  6. Configuring Accounts Receivable
  7. Configuring Accounts Payable
  8. Configuring Product Management
  9. Configuring Inventory Management
  10. Configuring Purchasing
  11. Configuring Sales Order Management
  12. Configuring Shipping
  13. Configuring Production Control
  14. Configuring Sales & Marketing
  15. Configuring Service Management
  16. Configuring Project Management
  17. Configuring Budgeting

I am working feverishly to get all of the books out there for everyone to take advantage of. The next book that will be released will be Configuring General Ledger, and due to requests from you all, Configuring Project Management will follow after that.

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