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Enabling Lync Calling Directly From Contact Details

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Let’s start off with saying that Lync is great, and the integration that is built into Dynamics AX that allows you to IM and call other employees directly from their name rocks. If you have it connected through your phone system then it becomes awesome because you can make calls to other phones. The only thing that would make it perfect would be if you could click on a customer’s contact phone number within Dynamics AX and have it call the number without you even lifting a finger to press the digits. Luckily with a wee bit of code we can set this up.

Lync is the Shoephone for Dynamics AX for sure.

How To Do It…

  1. To start off open up the Customers maintenance page and set up some contact details.
    As a side note, if you have an e-mail address against the customer and double click on the email icon, then it will create an e-mail for you.
  2. To make Lync dial the phone number for you though we need to access the code. To do this right-mouse-click on the Contact Information grid and select the Personalize option.
  3. When the Personalization dialog box is displayed, switch to the Information tab and click on the Edit button to the right of the Form Name field.
  4. This will open up the form definition within AOT.
  5. Drill into the design of the form until you get to the grid with the contact details in it and expand out the WindowsCommType field so that you can see the methods associated with it.
  6. Right-mouse-click on the Methods node and from the Override Method submenu select the MouseDblClick method. This will open up the method editor.
  7. The way that we will initiate the Lync call is through the URL syntax of “tel:phone“. To do this, add the above code to the method.

    if (LogisticsElectronicAddress.Type == LogisticsElectronicAddressMethodType::Phone)


    infolog.urlLookup(“tel:” + LogisticsElectronicAddress.Locator);


  8. Now click on the Save button to publish the changes and close out of AOT.
  9. Now return back to the Customers form and double click on the phone icon. 

This will open up Lync and initiate the phone call for you.


To view the original article, and download the PDF walkthrough with screen shots click on the following link:

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