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Free Prize – Download “An Introduction To Dynamics AX 2012” For Free While You Can

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

When you are first introduced to Dynamics AX, it may seem a little overwhelming because there is so much that it is able to do. It may seem like you’ve been dropped in a completely foreign land, unable to speak the language, and not knowing which direction to start walking in.

It may be even worse if you are in the middle of a software selection where you are looking at a number of different options (including Dynamics AX) because you need to understand what the differences are, and also remember which feature applies to which application. In that case, you are in multiple foreign lands, and no-one is speaking the same language.

You may have picked up a book or two on Dynamics AX to start your self-guided learning, but even then it may be too much because they usually assume that you have had some familiarity with the system, and you still don’t have a basic foundation knowledge. Rather than wanting to read the The Principia : Mathematica, you are at more of a See Spot Run level when it comes to Dynamics AX.

This is what this book is designed to achieve, and is aimed to give you a high level introduction to Dynamics AX. It is split into two parts as well, the first is a general overview of the system, showing you all of the usability features, and the second part is a functional overview that highlights all of the functional features within Dynamics AX. In essence it teaches you the language of this new land, and also gives you a map of the land so that you can then start heading in the direction that is important to you.

Hopefully this guide will help you quickly get comfortable with Dynamics AX and some of its capabilities. As a bonus you can download a copy of the book for free from the BSP website.

I03: An Introduction To Dynamics AX 2012
By Murray Fife Paperback: 147 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1515201104
ISBN-13: 978-1515201106


Get it while you can – the head squirrel will notice this eventually and put a stop to it.

*** Sorry – the squirrels noticed the surge in downloads and stopped the free promotion – we will try to sneak some more past them in the future ***

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