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Hide the Navigation and Fact Box Panes for More Workspace

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Hide the Navigation and Fact Box panels for more workspace

Hide the Navigation and Fact Box panels for more workspace

Although it’s good to see the Navigation Bar and the Fact Box panes within Dynamics AX, sometimes you just need a little space so that you can see all the information that you are working on.  That’s OK though because you can turn those pane on and off through the View options within the Dynamics AX client.

Now all of you that are shouting “Show me the data!” can get back to work.


To hide the navigation and fact box panes in the Dynamics AX client, follow these steps:


Open up the View options, either by clicking on it in the top right-hand corner of the Dynamics AX client, or by pressing ALT-V.  From there you can toggle off the Fact pane and the Navigation pane just by selecting them.



Now you have more space on your desktop.

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