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Make the Dynamics AX Role Center Your Outlook Home Page

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Make the Dynamics AX Role Center Your Outlook Home Page

Make the Dynamics AX Role Center Your Outlook Home Page

The Role Centers are web pages that you can run independently of the client, and are designed to give you a lightweight way to access most of the functions within Dynamics AX.  Since they are just web pages then they can also be embedded in other applications that you may use all of the time, like Outlook, to give you another way to view the status of the organization.

This is a great way to let users that are not normally accessing Dynamics AX all of the time view the status of the organization, since they cannot avoid opening up Outlook.

How To Do It…

Access the Enterprise Portal through a web browser.  The usual website address is:


Note: When you open up the Enterprise Portal through the browser, you will get a little more information that you do when it is seen within the Dynamics AX client.  You have a title bar along the top, and also a web menu bar on the left.


If you add the following two qualifiers to the end of the URL, then your Enterprise Portal will become a lot cleaner.



Now open up Outlook, and right-mouse-click on your account header and select the Data File Properties menu item.


When the Data File Properties dialog box is displayed, click on the Home Page tab, and past the role center URL into the Address field.  The format will look something like this:



How It Works…

Now when you return to Outlook, you will see the Role Center as the Outlook home page.


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