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New Configuration Blueprint Available: Configuring Service Management To Track Service Orders within Dynamics AX 2012

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

This weekend I have been working on publishing a Configuration Blueprint on Configuring Service Management To Track Service Orders within Dynamics AX 2012 and am happy to say that I finished it and are making it available to you all.

The Service Management area within Dynamics AX is a great module that not a lot of people know about. It allows you to track all of your service order contracts and service orders for your customers, will track all of your time and expenses against the service orders, and will also pass along any chargeable items to the receivables department for automatic invoicing to the customer.

Service Management has additional functions as well that allow you to track the items that are being serviced, define the tasks that are allowed to be performed against a service order, and also track the symptoms, diagnosis, and resolution to service order issues, making it a great tracking and analysis tool.

In the Configuration Blueprint we will show how you can create service agreements and orders, and then how you can use the additional tracking features within Service Management to get a tighter handle on your service orders. You can do all of this just through the standard Dynamics AX demo system that is delivered by Microsoft.

I didn’t think that it was enough to stop there. These Configuration Blueprints are designed to be ready made training guides, and for those of you that are more industrious and want to share the knowledge with others, through training and presentations, I also made the PowerPoint for this course available as well. The PowerPoint has all of the content from the guides and also speaker notes, and a Zoom Table of Contents which you can take advantage of if you have PowerPoint 2016

The topics that I cover in the blueprint are:

  • Creating a Service Agreement
  • Creating a Service Order
  • Posting Time To A Service Order
  • Posting through the Service Management Portal
  • Configuring Service Order Stages
  • Configuring Service Reason Codes
  • Updating Service Order Stages
  • Signing Off and Posting Service Order Lines
  • Viewing Posted Transactions against your Projects
  • Invoicing Service Orders Time & Material
  • Creating Project Statements for Service Agreements
  • Creating Periodic Service Intervals
  • Creating Periodic Service Orders
  • Printing Service Orders
  • Creating Service Objects
  • Assigning Service Objects to Service Agreements
  • Creating Service Tasks
  • Assigning Valid Service Tasks to Agreements
  • Defining Repair Conditions
  • Defining Repair Symptoms & Codes
  • Defining Repair Diagnosis Areas
  • Defining Repair Resolutions
  • Defining Repair Stages
  • Recording Repair Operations

So if you are interested in learning about Service Management and maybe setting it up yourself, then here are the links:

Digital Book:


I hope that this is interesting, and drop me a note any time if you have questions or comments J

PS. All of this was made possible by Author Tools – if you are interested in testing the tool out then just grab the Student Edition here:

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