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Process Multiple Records At Once By Using The Multi-Select Option

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A lot of the time you are not just working on one record at a time, you are processing batches of records. For example, you may be releasing multiple orders to picking, confirming multiple purchase orders, or printing multiple order confirmations. Dynamics AX makes this easy as pie to do because a lot of the time, you can use the multiple selection option to choose the records that you want to perform the same action on, and then it will work through them one at a time so that you don’t have to.

Say goodbye to being stuck in the Groundhog Day equivalent of single record processing.

How It Works…

In this example we will show how you can generate multiple order confirmations with just the click of the button.

Just select all of the orders that you want to print, and then click on the Confirmation button within the Generate group of the Sell ribbon bar.

When the Confirm Sales Order dialog box is displayed, all of the orders will be shown in the detail section. All you need to do is click the OK button.

Now all of the order confirmations will be created.

If you used the email, or automatic printing option then this process would look a lot less cluttered J

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