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Rename Product Dimensions To Match Your Business

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Product Dimensions within Dynamics AX are great because they give you four extra elements that you can use to segregate out all of your products, and you can start reducing the number of base product codes that you use. By default the main three dimensions are named Size, Color, and Style, but if you think of your product dimensions in different terms, don’t disregard this feature, because you can rename them to be whatever you like.

Now you can build your product dimensions however you like.

How To Do It…

Click on the Product Dimension Groups menu item within the Dimension Groups folder of the Setup group within the Product Information Management area page.

When the Product Dimension Groups maintenance form is displayed, click on any of the records, and then select the Dimension that you want to repurpose. If the dimension is enabled, then the Rename button will become enabled, and you can click on it.

This will open up the Rename Product Dimension Size dialog box. All of the standard text strings will be shown for the dimension.

All you need to do is update the standard messages to match the new dimension that you want to track against the products. When you have updated the 36 message files, just click on the OK button to update the dimension.

When you return to the Product Dimension Groups maintenance form you should notice that your dimension now uses the new naming convention that you set up.

How It Works…

Now when you maintain the valid product dimension values, it will have a new name.

Also, when you look at the dimension within the Released Product maintenance form, it will use the new naming convention.

Even the Inventory screens will be changed.

How cool is that!

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