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Set Up Mandatory Field Checks For Products

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Dynamics AX runs on data, and the cleaner the data, the less sludge you have in the system, slowing it down. A field that is not set up correctly won’t kill the system (usually) but it will probably cause a little extra work down the line. Fortunately Mandatory Fields Checks feature allows you to run a quick check on the data to make sure that every t is crossed and i is dotted. All you need to do is set it up.

It’s like having a multi-point inspection on your car without the hefty mechanics bill.

How To Do It…

To set up the fields to check, open your Released Products maintenance form and click on the Mandatory Check Setup button within the Functions group of the Retail ribbon bar.

When the Mandatory Check Setup maintenance form is displayed, click on the New button in the menu bar to create a new record and then click on the Field Number dropdown box.

When the Fields explorer is displayed, find the field that you want to check and double –click on it.

This will return you to the Mandatory Check Setup and you can then select the type of check that you want to perform from the Check For dropdown box.

When you have done that, just click on the Close button to exit from the form.

How It Works…

To check the fields, just click on the Check Product button within the Functions group of the Retail ribbon bar.

If a field does not pass the test then you will get an error message.

If everything is fine then you will get a nicer message.

You can add as many checks as you like on the key data fields in the products by repeating the field add process.

Now you will get a laundry list of fields that you need to correct.

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