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The date 3/9/2016 will probably go down in history (in a good way)

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

The date of 3/9/2016 will probably go down in history along with other milestone dates in software engineering like 1/12/1997 and 4/19/2011 because, as you all may know, yesterday was the official release date of the new version of Dynamics AX.

Some of you all may know it by its full name of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7, but just like many other superstars out there like Cher, Madonna, and Sting it has dropped the last name and will forever be known as just Microsoft Dynamics AX.  It didn’t go the full route and replace its name with a symbol like the Artist that was formerly known as Prince, but there is still time.

Last year I released a guide on the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX to help you all see what all of the fuss was about, but in the three months since it was released there have been a lot of cool changes to the user interface and some more cool features have been added to the user interface that make it even better than the pre-release so I have updated the guide to include all new screen shots of the product and also a number of new sections for you all to learn from.

This is a great reference for you all if you are

  • a consultant wanting to learn how the new Microsoft Dynamics AX works, or
  • a customer wanting to know how to navigate through the New Dynamics AX user interface, or
  • a Demo Jockey like me and are looking for scripts on how to get the most bang out of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX presentations, or
  • just curious about the new Microsoft Dynamics AX

If you want to grab a copy of the guide then just follow this link:

I hope this is useful for you all, and piques your interest in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX – I know that I am super geeked about this release and already am hooked on a lot of the new features that are not available within the 2012 release.  I’m sure you all will feel the same way once you start using it.

PS. Don’t buy the version on Amazon just yet – I haven’t had time to update the contents of the book so you would be ordering an older version – but I do have a number of other books there that you may like as well… hint… hint…

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