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Twenty Books For Dynamics AX Are Available For Download For Free (For Dynamics AX Companion Premium Subscribers)

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

Last week we announced that we started working on publishing out as much of the content from the old Dynamics AX Companions resource site (
over to the new Dynamics AX Companions eBook
Store ( in preparation for the merging of the two sites.

Also along the way some of you picked up on a small note that said that if you were an eBook subscriber on the original website then you would automatically receive a Premium Subscription to the eBook store as well and not have to re-subscribe annually. Even though we buried the lead on that story at the end of the e-mail, a lot of people picked up on this and also took advantage of the current amnesty program and signed up for the eBook subscription to get all of the books and updates at no extra cost from that point on.

Also to thank all of the monthly subscribers that have also been supporting the project since it started off, we have given them all complementary Premium Subscription to the eBook store as well. We thought it was only fair since most of them have almost paid for an eBook subscription any way. It’s just our way of saying thanks.

But we realized that a Premium Subscription is not much use if there is only one guide to download so we have been furiously collecting all of the content from the old site and getting it moved over to the eBook Store and also making all of it available as a free download for anyone who has received the Premium Subscription to the site.

All 16 of the Bare Bones Configuration Guides modules,
and all 4 of the Tips & Tricks volumes are now available for download from the premium section of the website here:

If you haven’t worked through these guides and taken the Bare Bones Configuration Guide challenge to configure your very own company within Dynamics AX from scratch and become a Bare Bones Configuration Privateer then now it your chance. It comes with bragging rights and a badge:

It’s also a great way that you can learn Dynamics AX from the ground up without having to travel to training, and also to do it on a shoestring budget. The current record for completing the 10 core guides as 13.5 hours. Something you can easily start on weekend morning and be finished in time for dinner, although we may suggest that you do it over two days.

If you don’t have a subscription, and want to grab the deal a deal on the books before all of the cutover date where the old site will be put out to pasture (which at the rate that we are publishing the content won’t be too far off) and the annual membership of $199 a year to access all of the guides will become the only way you can get all of the guides that we are publishing at once, then you can take advantage of the eBook amnesty
and subscription on the Dynamics AX companions site ( for perpetual license and be able to access the guides for life at no extra charge. It’s almost criminal that we are offering this.

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