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Use Workflows To Trap Transactions For Particular Accounts For Review

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Although you always want to keep an eye on the transactions that are flowing through Dynamics AX, sometimes there are transactions that you want to keep an even closer eye on. Workflow is a great way to do this, but maybe you don’t want to have to initiate a workflow for every transaction, maybe you just want to do it in certain situations. Not a problem, you can tell Dynamics AX when to run the workflow, and in all other cases don’t even show the submit button.

It’s a devilishly fiendish way to trap transactions.

How To Do It…

Start off by creating a simple approval workflow.

Then click on the Basic Settings within the Modify group of the Workflow ribbon bar, and select the Activation tab.

Check the Set the conditions for running the workflow flag to enable the Activation Condition group, and then click on the Add Condition button,

Configure the Condition that you want to perform the workflow for, and then click the Close button to exit from the form.

Note: In this case we are just going to check for one vendor that we want to keep a closer eye on.

How It Works…

Now when we select a PO for any other vendor than the one that we set the trap for, everything looks normal.

But for our problem Vendor we have to run through an approval workflow before we can confirm the PO.

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