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Using the Data Management tools and Flow to import data from OneDrive

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The Data Management tools within Dynamics 365 for Operations open up a whole slew of different ways that you can get data into the system. And it also has an option to create batch import job that will allow us to watch for data.

This opens up a whole slew of options for us because we can use these batch jobs to import data from other systems, because they can just package the data up for us and then send us the data. It creates a very easy way to create integrations because these data packages can also be sent to the Data Management batch job through a web service interface.

Now if I were a coder, then I would just call the service from my other system and it would create the package and send it to Dynamics 365 for Operations, but there are also other options available to us.

But what if you want to have a system that you don’t control integrate with Dynamics 365 for Operations, or maybe you are getting files from a partner that you want to automatically upload into the system?

Then you can go a little old school and have it create a file based integration.

But if you do that, how do you get the file to be picked up and processed within the Data Management service?

The simplest answer is to use Flow to watch for the files and then grab them and send them to the Data Management service for you.

And if you are looking for somewhere to All you need is somewhere for the file to be put, and OneDrive is a great option.

In this walkthrough we will show you how to tie all of this together to create your very own file based integration,.

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