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Add Additional Email Purposes To Route Emails

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The Print Management function within Dynamics AX is great, and got even better with the CU7 release of R2 when the ability to tokenize your e-mail destinations were added. But by default, there are only a handful of ways that you can segregate out your contact details, and if you have a customer that has multiple departments and you need to send out emails to different people depending on the purpose, it is still a little restrictive. Don’t worry though, you can create your own new Business Purpose codes within Dynamics AX and then use them within the Print Management to route different documents to different addresses.

Rain or shine, that e-mail will now get to the right person.

How To Do It…

Click on the Address and Contact Information Purpose menu item within the Global Address Book folder of the Setup group within the Organization Administration area page.

When the Address and Contact Information Purpose maintenance form is displayed, click on the New button within the menu bar to create a new record.

Assign your record a Purpose code, and a Description and then check the Postal Address checkbox if you want this to apply to the postal addresses, and check the Contact Information checkbox if you want this purpose to apply to emails and phone numbers.

How It Works…

Now when you open up your contact details you will see your new Purpose shows up in the list, and you can mark your e-mails to be associated with it.

Now when you configure your Print Management you will be able to select your Purpose from the list when you assign the emails using a token.

And from now on when you print out the report and have it automatically emailed, it will look for the contact details that match the purpose.

Invoices can go to one account, and confirmations can go to another.

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