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My Dynamics AX Resume

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I have created a few reference books that are available on Amazon that combine all of the information I post about into an easy to reference and lightweight format.  When working through some of the more lengthy configurations these are a much better resource than the blog posts.  Also, as I compiled these I was able to add additional notes and sections that you were not in the original posts, so you may find even more useful information in them.

You can view my Author page on Amazon here: also, you here are links to all of my books by series.

Dynamics AX Tips & Tricks Series 

The Tips & Tricks series is a compilation of all the cool things that I have found that you can do within Dynamics AX, and are also the basis for my Tips & Tricks presentations that I have been giving for the AXUG, and online.  Unfortunately book page size restrictions mean that I can only fit 50 tips & tricks per book, but I will create new volumes every time I reach the 50 Tip mark,


Introduction to Dynamics AX Series

These guides were initially designed to be a replacement for PowerPoints at my presentations, because they document all of the areas of Dynamics AX that I would normally show, and also include the foundation presentation for Dynamics AX that I always do that shows all of the general capabilities of the system for the user.  These will not teach you how to implement Dynamics AX, but they do give you the foundation that you need to know before you dive in, and are also a great idea book so that you can see all of the features of Dynamics AX in one place. 


Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides

I am a firm believer that Dynamics AX is not a hard product to implement – people just make it hard by overcomplicating what they want and the aim of this series is to show how easy it is to configure a working Dynamics AX installation from scratch. 

It is going to have the following books in the series, each of which builds on top of the previous books in the series: 

  1. Initial Data Load
  2. Configuring the Organization
  3. Configuring Human Resources
  4. Configuring General Ledger
  5. Configuring Cash Management
  6. Configuring Accounts Receivable
  7. Configuring Accounts Payable
  8. Configuring Product Management
  9. Configuring Inventory Management
  10. Configuring Purchasing
  11. Configuring Sales Order Management
  12. Configuring Shipping
  13. Configuring Production
  14. Configuring Sales & Marketing
  15. Configuring Service Management
  16. Configuring Project Management
  17. Configuring Budgeting

Like George Lucas, I started from the middle of the list, but I promise that I will deliver out the first books in the series shortly so that you can use them to guide you through your own journey of setting up Dynamics AX 2012.

Dynamics AX Configuration Blueprints 

After creating a number of my walkthroughs on SlideShare showing how to configure the different areas within Dynamics AX, I had a lot of requests for the original documents so that people could get a better view of many of the screen shots and also have a easy reference as they worked through the same process within their own systems.  To go the extra mile I started compiling all of the most popular walkthroughs into blueprints and making them available as reference books both in paper format and also on the Kindle platform.  They are usually not large in page count, they are typically 50-100 pages long, but they are a great reference.

All of the key blueprints were recently compiled into a compendium version.


But if you just need a quick reference guide on a particular topic then all of the original blueprints are still available.


Dynamics AX Cookbooks

Through PACKT publishing I have also created a cookbook of ideas on Extending Dynamics AX. It is built on a number of foundation products from Microsoft that are used to make it bigger, better, and stronger than the average business system. Taking advantage of these products will make your life easier.   Because this was edited by PACKT you will definitely find less typos in it than my other books that forego the editing process in lieu of getting the information out. 

I have posted a most of the individual posts on the Extending Dynamics AX blog.  If you are looking for a quick link to grab a code snippet from, or to reference a particular process, then you can find them here:

There are a lot of smaller posts that I make showing tips that you might find useful.  For those I have created another blog called Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day.   As you may have probably guessed there should be a new post every work day.   You can find this blog here:

If I create an article that doesn’t quite fit into the other two blog sites, or that is not directly connected with Dynamics AX, then I will usually post it to my original blog site.  You can find that blog here:

Almost all of my blogs, and presentations start off as PowerPoint presentations, and for the past few years I have been posting them to SlideShare.  Sometimes these are the unedited versions of a walkthrough, and have additional screen shots that don’t make it to print.  If you are looking for more content and examples, then you can it here:

If you want an easy way to track the posts on all of the channels that I am using, then make sure you follow the Facebook page that we have created:

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