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Allow Multiple People To Be Involved In Workflow Approval Steps

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Not all decisions are made by just one person, there are a lot of times where you need to get multiple people involved as an internal check policy, or maybe you just love making decisions as a group and don’t want to leave anyone out. Doing this through workflow within Dynamics AX is a synch as well, because you can include as many people in a single decision process as you like and have them weigh in during the workflow execution. There are also a lot of different ways that you can allow the votes to be counted to speed up the process as well.

Everything is better when it’s decided by committee… right?

How To Do It…

Select the workflow step that you want to allow multiple people to approve and click on the Assignment button within the Modify Step group of the Workflow ribbon bar.

When the Assignment properties are displayed, click on the User tab and add all of the people that you want involved in the workflow step to the Selected Users side of the selection box.

Then switch to the Completion Policy tab.

If you select the Single Approver option, then as soon as one of the approvers either approves or declines this step then the task will be marked as completed.

If you select the Majority of Approvers option then you need to have a majority of the users to approve or decline the task before it will continue on. Not all users necessarily have to weigh in.

Note: make sure that you have the numbers for a majority vote so that you don’t end up with a hung jury.

If you select the Percentage of Approvers option you will be allowed to fill in a % value. This is similar to the Majority of approvers option, except you define the watermark to get the step completed.

Finally, if you select the All Approvers then all of the people that you selected in the list must approve this task before it continues on.

Once you have selected your completion policy then you can click the close button and your approval step will be updated.

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