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Clock Workers In And Out Using Job Registration

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The Job Registration screens within the Production Management area gives you a great way to update your production jobs through touchscreens, but it can also be used for a lot of other functions as well including time clock checking in and out.

Workers just need to swipe their badge and the clock starts ticking.

How To Do It…

The first step is to configure the workers so that they are allowed to use the Registration screens, and enable the clocking in feature. To do this, click on the Workers menu item within the Workers folder of the Common group of the Human Resources area page.

Select the worker (or workers) that you want to enable for clocking in and out, and then click on the Activate on Registration Terminals button within the Maintain group of the Time Registration ribbon bar.

When the Create Time Registration Worker dialog box is displayed, configure all of the required groups and profile defaults and then select the Check In or Out Configuration profile.

Note: if you only want the user to check in and out, then check the Use Timecard option.

When you are done, just click the Close button to exit from the form.

One other configuration that you will need to perform is to assign a Password to the Worker. To do this, just open up the Worker record, select the Employment group, and you will find the Password field within the Time Registration tab group.

How It Works…

Now you can click on the Job Registration menu item within the Manufacturing Execution folder of the Periodic group within the Production Control area page.

This will open up the Job Registration form where the user is able to type in their ID (or scan their badge) and then type in their password.

If they are a Time Registration enabled worker then it will check them in.

The next time that they log in, it will check them out.

Also, to see all of the check ins and outs, all you need to do is click on the Registration History menu item within the Registration folder of the Inquiries group within the Production Control area page.

This will show you everyone’s records, and all of the check in and out time stamps.

How cool is that.

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