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Copy Document Attachments From One Record To One Or More Other Records

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Document attachments are a great feature within Dynamics AX, because it allows you to attach notes and files to almost any piece of data within the system. But don’t reattach the same document over and over again if it applies to multiple records, use the copy and paste option that is built into the Document Management feature.

It’s not plagiarizing to copy documents, it’s just more efficient.

How To Do It…

To copy an attachment from one record to another, open up the Document Handling form, select the attachments, and then select the Copy option from the Functions menu.

Then open up the Document Attachments form for the record that you want to attach the document to, and select the Paste option from the Functions menu.

Now the document should be associated with the target record.

If you want to paste the attachment against multiple records at once, just select all of the records, open up the Document Attachments form, and then select the Paste To All option from within the Functions menu.

Now all of the selected records will have the document attached to them.

How easy is that.

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