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Create Collaboration Workspaces to Share Information

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Create collaboration workspaces to share information

Create collaboration workspaces to share information

There are times when multiple people are working on a project and you need a place to share all of the common documents, and also a place where everyone is able to collaborate and add their input.  Dynamics AX has an inbuilt feature that is designed just to allow that called Collaboration Workspaces, which are linked to a number of the functions such as Projects, Campaigns, Cases etc. allowing you from the record to create a SharePoint workspace that everyone is able to access and collaborate through.

Not only is this much better than the usual way of doing this which is usually through some sort of shared network folder, or even worse, a folder on someone’s desktop, it is more secure, and also gives you the ability to use all of the functions within SharePoint to really share information.

All you need to do is create the workspace and you are up and going.



From the Projects master form, click on the Collaboration workspace menu button from the Setup group of the Project ribbon bar, and select the Create collaboration workspace option.


When the Create collaboration workspace dialog box is displayed, you can just accept the defaults, and click on the OK button to create the workspace.

Note: You can change the default Template that is chosen for you though, if you have different pre-configured workspace formats that you use for different scenarios.



Once this is done, you will notice that there are now linked workspaces in the Collaboration workspaces tab of the form.


If you click on the links that were assigned, you will be taken to the collaboration workspace where you can start filing away all of the project information.

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