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Have Dynamics AX Tell You When There Are Document Attachments

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Have Dynamics AX tell you when there are document attachments

Have Dynamics AX tell you when there are document attachments

Being able to attach documents to almost any record in Dynamics AX is a great tool to take advantage of because it allows you to move all of those files that you used to store on network shares or in local file folders, and puts them at everyone’s fingertips.

You can make it even more useful though by turning on the notification flag for document attachments in the client options, which will tell AX to highlight the documents button whenever there are documents associated with the record that you have selected.  Then you will know immediately if there are files that you can browse through.



From the Files menu in the Dynamics AX client, open the Tools submenu, and select the Options menu item.

Then within the General tab of the options, scroll down to the Miscellaneous group and check the Show attachment status checkbox to enable the document notifications.



Now when you look at records where there are no documents attached the Attachments icon will remain the same as it always did.


But if there are attachments associated with the record, it will be highlighted.

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