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Create Online Surveys Within OneDrive To Capture Leads

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Surveys are a great way to get interaction from all of your customers and followers, and OneDrive has a very cool option that allows you to create and capture surveys online.

Quick call the vet, I think Survey Monkey just passed away…

How To Do It…

To create your survey, open up your OneDrive account and from the Create menu dropdown, select the Excel Survey option.

OneDrive will create a new Excel spreadsheet for you to gather all of your survey results in and start the Edit Survey designer.

Give your Survey a title and also a description.

Then click on the first question within the list. This will open up all of the properties for the question.

Update the Question field with something that is a little more appropriate, and then from the Response Type dropdown, select the type of response you want.

If you want you can also make the question a Required response.

To add more questions, just click on the Add New Question button.

When you are finished, and want to share the survey so that everyone is able to respond to it, just click on the Share Survey button. It will automatically save the survey for you at this point.

When the Sharing dialog is displayed, click on the Create Link button.

This will create your public URL to the survey.

If you want to create a more concise link, then you can also click on the Shorten Link button.

Now note down the link, and then click the Close button to exit from the sharing options.

When you return to the Excel spreadsheet you will notice that it contains rows for all of the questions that you specified in the survey.

How It Works…

When someone accesses the link to the survey, they will see the questions in a little bit more friendlier format.

All they need to do is fill out the survey and then click on the submit button.

And they are done.

When you check out the survey though, you will see that all the responses that have been placed are now filed away for you waiting to be filed away and used within your campaigns within Dynamics AX

How cool is that!

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