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Make Dynamics AX Less Chatty by Turning Off Infolog Notifications

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Make Dynamics AX less Chatty by turning off Infolog Notifications

Make Dynamics AX less Chatty by turning off Infolog Notifications

Although getting notifications from Dynamics AX about what it is doing, and any problems that it has come across is good, as you start getting more comfortable with the system, it may be just the errors that you are interested in seeing, and you don’t want to have to close down the InfoLog box every time a new journal entry is created.

Luckily, there is a setting that will control the level of detail that Dynamics AX shares with you and you can easily tell it that you just want all, some, or no messages as you performing transactions, letting you really get down to business without pop-up boxes appearing.


From the Files menu, select the Tools sub menu, and select the Options menu item.

Within the General tab of the Options dialog box, you can change the detail level of the messages by selecting it from the Detail level drop down within the Infolog group of the Interface Options.

20131129.01Note: It’s probably not a good idea to select the None option, because if there is an error that is stopping you from something on, you won’t have any idea that it happened.  Error only is a good choice for the expert users.

When you have selected the detail level that you want returned back by the InfoLog then click the Close button to save your preferences.

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