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Managing form security through Security Diagnostics within Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Managing security within Microsoft Dynamics has just got a little easier because there is a feature called Security Diagnostics that is built into all of the forms that allows us (if we have rights that is) to see all of the Roles, Duties, and Privileges that have access to a form, while we are on the form itself.

Also this feature allows us to even update the user security access while we are browsing this information as well, so if we want to give someone access, we don’t have to guess which security objects have access and then update the security. We just find the form and then give them access.

How it works…

To see the security information for any form, just click on the Options tab on any of the forms, and then click on the Security Diagnostics link within the Page Options group.

This will open up the Security Diagnostics panel and we will be able to see all of the Roles that have access to this form.

Also, if we scroll down a little then we will also see all of the Duties and Privileges that are associated with this form as well.

If we want to modify the security on the fly and assign the security objects to a user, then all we need to so is select the security object and then click on the Add roles to user link.

This will open up the security maintenance form and we can update the user security on the fly.


This is a very useful feature to keep in our back pocket. Although it doesn’t make security management a super simple function, it does make it a little simpler.

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