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New & Expanded Version of Configuring Cash & Bank Management for Dynamics AX 2012 Now Available

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

I have to confess that I may not have told the truth a while back – I had said that I had completely finished the Financial portion of the Bare Bones Configuration Guides when I completed the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Guides. And that’s because the Cash & Bank Management guide was more bare than bones, and only contained enough information to get a bank up and running.

As I was preparing for the AXUG Academy class on Cash & Bank Management that is being held on the 13th of February I sat down and expanded on the Cash & Bank Management content and yesterday quadrupled the content to 409 pages covering the following topics:

  • Configuring Bank Management Controls (Mostly New)
  • Configuring Bank Accounts (A Little New)
  • Configuring Advanced Bank Reconciliation (New)
  • Configuring Positive Pay (New)

The Advanced Bank Reconciliation section is the builk of the guide and shows you how to configure approval workflows, configure BAI2 statement imports, the Reconciliation Workbench and much more.

Who said that Cash Management was boring? Not me!

If you need a copy right now then you can download the eBook directly from the Dynamics AX Companions website.  Just use the link below to go directly to the books
home page, and then add the Configuring Cash and Bank Management Within Dynamics AX subscription for your account. Then you will be able to download the PDF version of the book. If you have already subscribed to this book then you will be able to download the expanded version at no additional cost. For those of you with an eBook subscription, you can download the book right now without spending another dime.

Here is a link to the home page for the book containing all the information and links that you may need:

PS. The book will also be available on Amazon within the next day or so.

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