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New & Improved Power Pivot/BI Guides Available on the Dynamics AX Companions Project

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

We have had some more requests to have some of the Configuration Blueprints to be updated and made available through the Dynamics AX Companions site as downloadable PDF’s, and we have been able to do that for both of the Power* reporting walkthroughs.

Also as a new offering if you want to step through all of these examples yourself and learn how it works for yourself then don’t fret.  We have packaged up all of the examples into a guide especially for you.  If you are a Premium or eBook subscriber then just click on the images below to link to the landing pages where you can download your very own copy of the In A Nutshell guide that will take you step by step through each of the examples.  It is also a great student manual as well if you want to use this for your own training.

Here are links to the guides and a quick summary.

Using PowerPivot to Analyze Dynamics AX Data


Perhaps you have heard about the new tool in Excel 2010, PowerPivot, but wonder how it can enhance your use of Excel.

In this configuration guide we will show how PowerPivot can assist you with advanced data analysis and reporting, making those extracts from Dynamics AX to Excel even more valuable.

Topics Covered

  • Using Pivot Tables to Analyze Dynamics AX Data
  • Using PowerPivot to create Dashboards
  • Adding Timeline Slicers to PowerPivot Dashboards
  • Creating Additional Calculated Columns
  • Applying Filters to your Data Model
  • Creating Joins between Multiple Datasets
  • Using Functions to create Calculated Columns
  • Creating URL and Picture Columns
  • Creating a PowerPivot Gallery within SharePoint
  • Saving PowerPivot Data Models to the PowerPivot Gallery
  • Creating PowerView Dashboards from the PowerPivot Gallery Data Sources
  • Changing the View Mode for the PowerPivot Gallery
  • Setting PowerPivot Data Model Refresh Rates
  • Exporting PowerView Dashboards to PowerPoint


Using PowerBI to Analyze Dynamics AX Data


Everyone has used Pivot Tables within Excel at one point in time to create simple reports against Dynamics AX, and some of you may have also used Power Pivot to create more elaborate dashboards and charts. Recently Microsoft extended out the query and reporting capabilities within Excel with the Power BI suite. In addition to extending the Power Pivot capabilities, they also added three more tools called Power Query, Power View & Power Map, and that means that you have a whole new set of reporting options.

In this blueprint we will show you how you can use all of the Power BI tools to analyze your Dynamics AX data.

Topics Include:

  • Mapping your data within Excel through PowerView
  • Using PowerQuery to Clean up Your Data
  • Using PowerMap to Build Even Better Map Visualizations
  • Using different Visualizations within PowerMap
  • Using PowerQuery to Merge Datasets
  • Flattening Maps
  • Adding Labels to the Maps
  • Using PowerQuery to Integrate External Data


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