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Bare Bones Configuration Guides For Financials Are Complete And Available For Download

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This weeks task for the Dynamics AX Companions Project was to complete the Bare Bones Configuration Guide for Accounts Payable, and we are happy to say that it is now available through Amazon, and also for download along with all of the other guides.

This also marks a milestone for the Bare Bones Configuration Guides series because we have completed the first six books that allow you to configure the core Financials within Dynamics AX from scratch.

If you are an eBook subscriber then you can access it right away, but if you have commitment issues with subscribing to all of the books that we have made available – remember that you can just subscribe to this one volume as well. Here is a quick summary of the latest guide and links to see more detail if you are interested in checking it out.

Configuring Accounts Payable Within Dynamics AX 2012


The Accounts Payable area is one of the three foundation financial modules within Dynamics AX that you will want to set up. It not only allows you to manage all of your vendor information, post your invoices, and make in your payments, but also allows you to manage approval workflows, and much more.

It’s not hard to configure either and this book is designed to give you step by step instructions to show you how to configure the payables area, and also how some of the basic transactions work to get you up and running and working with your vendors.

Topics Covered:

  • Configuring Accounts Payable Controls
  • Configuring Vendor Accounts
  • Configuring Invoicing
  • Creating Vendor Payments
  • Configuring Payables Invoice Journal Approvals


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