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Test Driving Atlas 6.0 With Dynamics AX

Posted by Author, Curator, Visually Impared Squirrel Literacy Advocate & Dynamics AX Technical Solution Professional (TSP) at Microsoft on

Atlas is a great product which allows you to grab data from Dynamics AX while your are within the Excel, Word, PowerPoint and even Outlook, so that users quickly create reports without having to rush to the IT department.  It has the added benefit that all of the typical relationships between the tables have been built into Atlas so that you don’t even have to think about how to link data, making it very easy to report off what used to be very complicated table structures.  Additionally with the 6.0 release of Atlas there is a great dashboard designer that you can use with the product to create desktop, mobile, and smartphone enabled dashboards and scorecards.

I especially love this product because you can try out before your buy, and it is super easy to install yourself and you can start playing with it within a 10 minutes or so of downloading the trial software.

So we created the following guide will take you through the download, installation and configuration process for the trial software and then show you some of the ways that you can start using it to report against your Dynamics AX installation.   It covers:

  • Requesting A Trial License
  • Downloading & Installing Atlas
  • Activating The Atlas Services
  • Configuring The Atlas Services
  • Licensing The Atlas Server
  • Creating User Groups
  • Assigning Licenses To Users
  • Assigning User Groups To The Server
  • Organizing The Atlas Tiles
  • Logging Into Atlas
  • Creating Atlas Queries Within Excel
  • Creating Atlas Queries Within PowerPoint
  • Creating Atlas Queries Within Word
  • Creating Atlas Queries Within Outlook
  • Creating Dashboards Within The Desktop Client

If you are interested in checking this out the guide then just become a registered member on the site (no paying subscription is required) and you will be able to download the guide by clicking on the link below:


Even as a novice user with this program I was able to do quite a bit, although I know that there are a lot more features that you can take advantage of within the product such as:

  • Functions
  • Filters,
  • Linking of data
  • Merging of tables
  • Combining multiple data sources such as CRM

Hopefully this has given you all a little bit of an idea of what Atlas is and how it you can get your feet we with the product.

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